This weekend is the YMCA Tree City Rolling Tour.  If it’s anything like last year, it’ll stand to be one of the best organized rides I’ll do this year.  July’s post will probably be a narrative about the experience.  Check back in a couple of weeks, but on to current business.

I took a great ride today (Fathers day).  The first ride of my summer season.  This was also the first time I got to test my new fitness watch on a long ride.  It worked flawlessly.

10.2 miles, 55 minutes, 11.2 mph avg

Not all that auspicious, but I found myself fired up about my bicycle for the first time in months. I also discovered a great resting point exactly 5 miles from my house.


Previously, I had a glowing post where I laid out my fitness goals for the year. I failed to make any progress on them.  I then wrote another post where I doubled-down in my inspiration and frustration.  I’ve since failed to make any progress like this.

I’m Bugs Bunny, and Yosemite Sam is my lack of riding, or my laziness or something.

I’ve written before about making good health decisions and the philosophical ramifications of need vs. want.  Maybe I should take my own advice and remember what’s important to me.  What does it say about a writer who isn’t taking his own advice? hmm

For now, I’ll describe the other side of my own personal bike experiences that is important to me:  creating and riding new routes.

I have a deep love of maps.  The information that is outlined, the different ways that cartographers code the same information, I love discovering the information that someone outlined about the world.  It’s armchair exploring of a sort.  I have piles and piles of roadmaps, campsite maps, county maps, and an Indiana gazeteer.  I even have an 8-year-old copy of this, that is outdated enough to be less than useful sometimes.

This appreciation means that one of my favorite ways to ride is to create a new route, by using my maps, and then ride it.  A form of exploration that I really enjoy deeply.  That’s just what I did on Father’s Day this year, and when I got back I realized that one of the exciting things about the ride was “discovering” the new route.  Again, hmmmmm….

So, how about a route that I haven’t ridden, I want to ride, and could be a lot of fun.  There are a number of covered bridges in my home county.  Historic and still being used, we have five.  So I worked out a route on google maps to hit all five, and one modern bridge (near Flatrock Christian Church), at increasingly shorter intervals over a 40 ish-mile ride.  It could be a brutal ride, without training, or it could be just strenuous and pleasant with nice stops.

Let’s ride it!



  1. Yes, but realize that Bugs wins that battle in the end, as Sam goes off the cliff…

    The Tree City Rolling Tour will undoubtedly mark your personally triumphant return to saddle-bound organized riding. I am looking forward to bearing witness.

    While not sharing the depth of your cartographic passion, I can certainly appreciate good maps. The journeys, even the imagined ones, of places heretofore unvisited, or the ones recalled with sentimentality, are all part of the narrative. A sense of place connected with a sense of wondrous adventure all coalesced into map/route pondering.

    I have mapped ride routes with MapMyRide desktop version. Practical, if not entirely inspiring.

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